Municipal Governments

One stop occupational medical services for Police, Fire, Rescue, Ambulance and Public Works employees.

Transportation - Trucking & Transit

Drug & Alcohol Testing, DOT Physical Exams for CDL licenses and more Occupational Medical Services.

Construction, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Trades & Laborers

Drug & Alcohol Testing, Phyiscal Exams, Respirator Fit Testing, and more.

Interstate Mobile Care provides mobile occupational medical services to small, medium and large businesses in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area.

Our clients are safety professionals and human resources managers representing municipal governments (police, fire department, EMS, ambulance and public works) and private employers in the construction, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, transportation (trucking and transit) and trade / laborer industries.

All of our services are performed by licensed medical professionals and are comply with federal OSHA and DOT medical standards.